Board vision

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Word to ICCR

Sr. Flora Shafie

 Doctorate degrees in Physical Therapy.

Therapist that works in different settings
     ( SNF, Hospitals , and HHPT).

My goals is:

  • To assist in growing the Islamic community at ICCR.
  • To establish a strong Islamic community based on Allah's rules and gaudiness.
  • To increase knowledge of Islam to youth and the community in large.
  • To assist in applying fairness and justice.
  • To assist those in need of financial, social, or emotional support.
  • To assist applying  the Quarran and    prophet saying in our daily activity/life to the Islamic community.
  • To organize and establish meetings, orientations, and lectures.
  • To communicate and negotiate with the rest of the board in resolving issues.
  • To communicate with other Islamic communities for better outcomes.  

Dr. Hatem Ali

Medical Doctor/ Nephrologist.

I will work to involve as much ICCR members and attendees as possible. Specially in the decision making process in our Masjid. Emphasizing to our community that they do not have to be on the board to serve the Masjid. And that it is the Boards job to facilitate that. I would like to make sure we have a good Ramadan program for our community. Consider organizing a sports or activity day or events for our Masjid.

Br. Hazem Khalfallah

 Master of Mathematics'.

professor at California state University
     san Bernardino. 

I have been working in Daoa for years.  I attended many interfaith workshops in the region and international. I look forward to serve my community and help with all needs and planning for  our future Mosque.

Br. Housam Yousef

Bachelor's of  computer science
     and engineering

MBA in information security.

Holding multiple positions in
      I.T. and I am currently in Data

  • Strengthening the ties in our community and with neighboring communities.
  • Broadening our community outlook in anticipation of political changes in the United States.
  • Support the involvement of the youth in our community in order to create a strong Muslim-American identity in the next generation.

Dr. Khaled Mahmood

 Master of Civil Engineering.

professional civil engineer with
   more than 35 years’ experience

Current member of the
      new masjid committee.

To make permanent place of worship for our community. Make an exemplary and united community in the area for the betterment of Muslims. Arrange workshops and seminars for the development of the Muslim community image, interfaith relations, civic engagements, and better understanding of Islam in USA.

My dream is to make a transparent, accountable, financially and politically stable and effective organization for our next generation in North America. Develop effective communication with other faith organizations and local city, county and State officials.